Banana For Scale (work-in-progress)

Often on the internet, bananas are displayed with objects to communicate size, accompanied by the phrase "banana for scale". Because bananas are relatively common fruits and most people are familiar with their approximate size, they've taken on an unexpected identity as a modern measuring device. With this piece, spectators are encouraged to interact and pose with an oversized banana, and to experiment with perspective and distance to alter the banana’s size in relation to themselves and other objects. The phrase "banana for scale" can be reinterpreted and challenged by anyone willing to engage with the piece.

Banana for Scale was selected for a New York City Artist Corps grant, sponsored by the New York Foundation for the Arts, the NYC Department of Cultural Affairs, the NYC Mayor's Office of Media and Entertainment, and Queens Theatre to activate and energize New York’s artists and engage the public with arts activities. This piece debuted at the 31st Avenue Open Street in Astoria, Queens during a Halloween event. Due to challenges with timing and the finish, this piece remains a work-in-progress with plans to refinish and display again in the near future.

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